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Boomer is absolutely amazing and we are just enjoying having him with us so much! You did such a great job of socializing him and teaching him while he was with you – he allows me to go through the door first, he stops on the towel outside the door to be dried off..and he is just the sweetest companion! From the very first night he slept through in his kennel – and loves that as his safe place. It amazes me that when he is tired, he just retires to the crate until he’s feeling up to romping again.

Vicki & Dwight, ND

We are a family of four which has been longing for a dog for a long time. Because father and one daughter have allergies we thought that we never could have a pet. In the Internet we read an article about the Australian Labradoodle breed which neither loose hair nor dander. We became very interested and contacted the breeder Brig, to discuss our questions and reservations. She was very helpful at all times and we were very much impressed by her professional manner in all regards. She is a small breeder with a big heart for her dogs and puppies.

We also talked to our doctor who was skeptical in the beginning but after testing hair samples he was convinced.

Since June 08 we are proud owners of Kyra whom we wouldn’t want to do without. She’s an easy going pet who likes to play and go out for walks but who is also very modest if you don’t have a lot of time for a while.

She is also very clever and learns new things quickly.

Up to now nobody has had any allergic reactions and we are very thankful for this because we wouldn’t want to live without Kyra.

Jürg, Jeannette, Aline und Elena, Switzerland


Zita and the girls

Zita is awesome. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She is smart, friendly, and has come to be a ‘third’ girl in our family. Our 2 daughters love her, and she acts as human as they do!!! I can’t believe she’s going to be 2 this month. Time flies. I think our favorite thing Zita does is she ‘talks’ with her paws, I’m sure she thinks it gets her point across better. Her personality, couldn’t be more sweet.

Zita is doing really well. She has become my older daughter’s shadow and best buddy. She is such a sweet and loving puppy, and I can tell she was treated so sweetly by you and your family.

Kama, Darin and the Girls, BC

Max makes us so happy and he is very protective. The unconditional love, he loves to play with my granddaughter and with my son’s two dog’s. We will always be grateful to you.

God Bless you and your family


Hello Mommy,

Thank you for giving me such good manners and training, my family is so happy with me, and I am a truly very, very good boy.

Love Max x-o-x-o

Phillis and George


Just a quick hello from Ouzo. I am so happy in my new home with Lisa, Greg, Alexander Colton, Daniel and Soleil. I love playing with them chasing them around and retrieving sticks and balls. I even love canoes and speedboats you wont believe how much I have grown up, I am also very smart in obedience class. I have been a really good girl and I love my new home I think they love me too. They say I am a wonderful dog, with a wonderful temperament and no one with allergies reacts to me.

Lisa and Family, Vancouver, BC



Hi Brig,

…my mum and dad tell me it’s my second birthday today so I thought I ought to tell you how much I love them – and how much they love me.They take very good care of me and give me lots of fun and hiking. I couldn’t be happier. And do you know that my trainer said the other day that “if all Labradoodles were like Sassy I”d recommend them to everyone”. Thank you for bringing me into the world and giving me such a good start, and please give licks to all my brothers and sisters and my other mum and dad.



Thank you Bill and Diana for forwarding us Sassy’s letter.



Hallo ich bin Cheyenne und lebe seit Juni 08 in der Schweiz. Nebst meinem Herrchen und Frauchen lebt noch ein Kater namens Rocky bei uns. Mit ihm kann ich spielen und schmusen. Wenn meine beiden Chef`s am arbeiten sind ,bin ich bei einer sehr lieben Frau, die manchmal Kinder bei sich hat, sie ist eine Nanny. Ich mag Kinder sehr.

Die spielen ganz viel mit mir!

Einmal in der Woche gehe ich in die Hundeschule, dort kann ich mit anderen Hunden spielen, muss aber auch noch viel lernen. Kann aber jetzt schon einiges.

Und bin sehr lernfähig.

Am liebsten bin ich drausse, vorallem am See gefällt es mir am besten.


Cheyenne mit Stefanie, Schweiz



Zollee is the love of our lives. She is an absolute delight. As I may have told you, I own a massage therapy and chiropractic office. So it’s a very tranquil ambiance. I take her to the office every day and she just hangs out all day waiting for the therapists or clients to give her a masssage. She has barked maybe 2 times in the last 2 years when she’s there. She is the rock star of the office.

The Fronstein Family, FL



Dillon is such a wonderful dog. He is extremely laid-back and always loves a cuddle.

He has been a wonderful companion for the boys.


The Watson Family, CA
Zeta and FamilyZeta

Hi Brig,

Just letting you know all is well with Zeta. She is the most special puppy and she is so incredibly smart. She makes us laugh every day. We are planning on putting her in puppy classes soon and I am looking into agility training for her. I think she would enjoy this as she has so much energy and can she ever jump! We call it her Superman jump….she springs like a cat.

Here is a recent picture we had take of our “kids”.

Thanks so much for such an amazing and healthy puppy.


The Paulhus , Kellowna, BC



“Charlie is a wonderful dog and a delight to have around! He is such a playful, smart and loving dog who is always eager to learn new things. We train in various dog sports including agility, tricks and obedience, but Charlie’s favorite is Rally-O. This year we entered our first competition and Charlie won both his Novice runs with the highest score in his level. I couldn’t be more proud of him! We will be entering more trials to earn his Novice title and work towards Advanced and Excellent titles. Thank you for such a wonderful dog who makes us smile every day.”
Jessica and family
Nicole Ginger
Dear Brig
Ginger has grown into an affectionate, clever, self confident adult dog. She fits very well into any team, loves kids who can do just about everything with her…active outside (hiking, jogging, walking – anything) and quiet inside, happy with cuddles from all of us. Thank you so much for everything!
Nicole and family, Switzerland
photoI had to share this one with you… He’s not normally in the front seat, but I had just a short way to go and he looked like he needed to be near me 🙂 so he sat like a gentleman and stared straight ahead the whole time… He’s hilarious!
Bailey from Joan SJoan and Bailey
Hello Brig! Just wanted to send you a big hello from lovely Benji. We celebrated his 1 yr anniversary with us in Canmore today.  He’s still a lovely, calm doggy and continues to win the hearts of anyone he meets

Happy Owners

Brig... was very helpful at all times and we were very much impressed by her professional manner in all regards. She is a small breeder with a big heart for her dogs and puppies.

Jürg, Jeannette, Aline und Elena, Switzerland

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