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Labradoodles and horses at play

We are a small Family owned breeder, with only two litter a year, located on a 10 acre Farm in Grand Forks, BC. Our dogs are free to roam around the farm and are raised with lots of socialization, attention and love.


Brig with pups in the mountain


I immigrated from Switzerland in 1998. My name is Brig and I have been an animal lover my entire life. I have always been passionate about dogs but nothing prepared me for the way I would feel about the Australian Labradoodles. Several years ago I assisted a big breeder in raising Labradoodles. A short time into my working experience I realized, that my aptitude in communicating with animals, especially dogs, is exceptional. That is why I became an independent breeder. Australian Labradoodles are the only dog we breed. We raise our puppies inside our home where each dog and puppy is loved and cherished with all our hearts. We look forward to sharing our gorgeous dogs with you and your family.

I am so excited to share my dogs and my dream with you!

Happy Owners

... do you know that my trainer said the other day that "if all Labradoodles were like Sassy I''d recommend them to everyone".


Bill and Diana

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